The aftermath

As dark descended at around 7pm the battle was all but over.Around 10,000 Scottish soldiers lay dead along with between 2000-3000 English men. As the light faded, the English attacked the remains of the Scottish camp on Flodden Hill and burnt it.They also attacked the Scottish wagon train (ca 40,000 men, women and children) and killed as many there as they had on the battlefield.The exact location of this action is unknown. Meanwhile the Scots retreated in many directions, including Coldstream and towards Yetholm along the Bowmont Water.

The next day the captured Scottish guns were moved to Etal Castle for safe keeping. The contingent of English borderers, however, attacked the English base camp at Barmoor looking for more spoils to return home with.

Flodden Field cost Scotland her King, 10,000 men and the flower of her nobility in her greatest military defeat. The English gained border security and exacted a terrible revenge for their defeat at Bannockburn.